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Project Management - Gantt Charts In An Hour


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Published 11/2023
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Mastering Gantt Charts for Effective Project Management

What you'll learn
Purpose and Benefits of Gantt Charts
Planning and Building a Gantt Chart
The importance of resources in a Gantt Chart
Progressing Projects
Before beginning, you will need to know how to use a computer, including a mouse.
It would be good if you have used Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or a similar spreadsheet before, but this is not essential.
Want to use Gantt charts in your project management? In this course we'll take a one hour look at what Gantt charts are and how they can be used successfully. This course is intended for project managers. As such, we will not go into the intricacies of how to use any one particular project management software, but we'll look at the concepts behind Gantt charts. Purpose and Benefits: Explore the purpose and numerous benefits of Gantt charts, such as visualizing project timelines, enhancing communication, identifying dependencies, and even their use in contract documents.Planning and Building: Plan and build Gantt charts, from defining project scope to breaking down tasks and milestones. Discover the different types of tasks and how to work with various calendars.Project Relationships: Gain a deep understanding of task relationships (FS, SS, FF), critical path analysis, and the ownership of float. Understand why lags are used and when they can be counterproductive.Resource Management: Learn to manage resources effectively, deal with overallocation issues, and navigate resource calendars. Explore the intricacies of leveling resources to optimize your project plan.Progress Monitoring: Set baselines, understand about updating project timelines, and deal with changes effectively. Learn techniques for resequencing tasks to recover lost time and ensure project success.Large-Scale Projects: Get insights into handling large-scale projects, subdividing them into phases, and linking tasks between projects. Learn how to summarize tasks to produce Level 2 or Level 1 printouts. By the end of this course, you'll be able to read Gantt charts and understand some of the complexities behind them that you need as a project manager. You'll be able to talk to planners, ask questions about assumptions, and drive projects to successful completion.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Welcome to Udemy
Lecture 3 How to get the best out of your Udemy course
Lecture 4 Do you want auto-translated subtitles in more languages?
Section 2: Gantt Charts - activities
Lecture 5 Purpose and Benefits of Gantt Charts and Major software tools
Lecture 6 Planning a Gantt Chart
Lecture 7 Types of tasks
Lecture 8 Calendars
Lecture 9 Time Constraints
Lecture 10 Relationships
Lecture 11 Baseline and Lags
Section 3: Gantt Charts - other planning considerations
Lecture 12 Critical path
Lecture 13 Work Breakdown Structure
Lecture 14 Resources
Section 4: Gantt Charts - Progressing Projects and Large-scale project considerations
Lecture 15 Progressing Projects - what you need to do
Lecture 16 Progressing Projects - additional considerations
Lecture 17 Large-Scale Projects - considerations
Section 5: Well done for finishing this Gantt Charts course
Lecture 18 Congratulations for finishing this Gantt Charts course
While this course is targeted for Project Managers, it can be used by everyone.,This course is for you if you want to learn the concepts behind Gantt charts.,This course will not go into the details of any particular project management software, but will look at the concepts by Gantt charts instead.

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