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Goodwill Near Me Helps in donation to Warez-BB. Warez-BB Donation center as Just Giving Page for donation pick up. Donations are needed to defray high Server/Hosting costs. But, as much as we want this site to exist, we can't do it without your help!

💰 Donate with Crypto!

It saves us a lot of Fees which allows us to give you desire stuff for free.
Please consider using Crypto to Donate as your first option. Other options are still available but please help us by using Crypto if possible. We would like to request you donate, if you can, and as much as you feel you can! You can support the community, and keep us running for years to come!

USDT TRC-20 : TXWXpzDF2LRjK93e3R4fyou2Qdo9X4qht2
Bitcoin Address : 36zVsbWkWFv5GCEq8CzMq1HAcNufHAWJDh
ETH ERC-20 : 0xae910ae85BD58d3D2B7f4a7989ceCbBC63831025
USDT ERC-20 : 0xae910ae85BD58d3D2B7f4a7989ceCbBC63831025
USD/USDC ERC-20 : 0xae910ae85BD58d3D2B7f4a7989ceCbBC63831025

After successful payment, please post your payment details in Milestone Section to get your account Donator status..
Crypto Payments Important note: After successful crypto payment, please wait up to 1 hour to see the changes on your account.

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    May 3, 2022
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