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hi i hope your well, good to se you back up and running,
could i ask why was why the user " barryhillier16 " banned for Spam !
i can set you assured that i think this was done in error but can not acsess the inbox to message a admin
It was not banned intentionally, we have connected the board with a global spam protection system. These things done on community by an auto system. If any user feels that he/she have been banned due to unjustified reason. One can communicate with support theam.
thank you, yes it was my account but the restriction was set so high i couldn't do anything nor log out just says welcome new user please introduce your self

box under it saying " you have been banned for the reason Spam "

i am more then happy to use this account if its okay
How do I get the Peeplink Rapid link for the Microsoft Office? I have a Rapid account. Thanks, Great upload.
Hi, I've downloaded coreldraw graphics 2022 from your post but cannot find the install instructions or crack.

Can u help me install this please?