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British Woman Earns Over £15,000 Photographing Wrinkles On Her Legs


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Model Char Borley from the British county of Suffolk got rich posting racy photos on OnlyFans. According to Borley, one day she received an unusual request from a fan. He wanted to see the wrinkles on her legs. The woman agreed, took and sent him the desired photo and earned more than 15 thousand pounds (more than one and a half million rubles) on this.

Borley claims that this is not the only strange case in her erotic business. It's not uncommon for fans to send her money for beauty treatments or travel expenses in hopes of interesting content. She once received over £3,740 from a subscriber just for a pedicure, which usually costs around £30.

Describing the most provocative requests she received, Borli added: "I was once asked to ride an inflatable killer whale in a bikini and then pierce it with sharp scissors. This customer was very fond of inflatable toys. He said that if I didn't have a killer whale, an inflatable unicorn would do."
There are downsides to doing this kind of work, says Borley. Worst of all, she says, are the people who try to spy on her. "I had a story with a man who stole underwear from my clothesline and sent me pictures of himself in it!" she says.