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Devastating Tornado Swept Through Kansas, Destroying Hundreds Of Homes


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After a devastating tornado hits Andover, Kansas, 40 million Americans remain at serious risk from the storm as two separate weather systems sweep across more than a dozen states. On Friday, a devastating tornado swept through Kansas, causing significant damage to the city of Andover as it leveled several houses and damaged the Capital Federal Amphitheater and the local YMCA, where part of the roof collapsed, KWCH reported.

At a morning press conference on Saturday, Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell said there were no reports of deaths so far and only four people had minor injuries. According to the chief, about 1,000 buildings were in the path of the tornado, but there is still no data on how many of them were damaged, but some houses in the path of a powerful tornado were "completely wiped off the face of the earth."

Andover Mayor Brandon Whipple confirmed that between 50 and 100 structures were damaged in the city. Hours after the tornado left more than 23,000 Kansas without power, the number dropped to 2,153 by Saturday afternoon as crews worked overtime to restore power, according to poweroutage.us.

On Saturday, the storm system that passed through the Central Plains is reported to continue moving east and bring severe weather, including strong winds, hail and tornadoes, to more than a dozen states. Multiple severe thunderstorms and heavy rains will hit parts of the Plains, Midwest and South during the week, according to the Weather Channel.

As storms continue to move into the Midwest on Saturday, it could bring tornadoes, heavy hail, damaging winds and localized flash flooding. Severe storms will move further west Sunday, threatening parts of West Texas with heavy hail and wind and possible tornadoes. Storms are expected to hit eastern New Mexico and Colorado before moving east into Texas and Oklahoma, according to the Weather Channel.