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DJ FrANKy EHP presents himself


New member
Greetings People;

I'm 'DJ FrANKy EHP', a Streamer, Informatic, and Multimedia Producer, from Canary Islands, in Spain.

I've had registered myself in your Forum 'WarezBB', for I can share with all of you, some of my 'Multimedia Productions', in 'Direct Download'. Above all the ones related with sound and music, like my 2 CDs of auto-promotion, and in the future, the 'Megamixes/Sessions', etc, that I will be releasing. I hope you will like my jobs, as much or even more like to me when I was creating them.

Since now, I transmit my thanks and I give the Thanks a Lot, to the 'Admins/Moderators' from this community, for the great work they does, and for to let me to post my proyects.

Nothing else to say, just thanks a lot again, and best regards.

Take Care and C U Soon !!! ;)

NOTE: Probably, you can realise that this post, is almost the same I have posted in other sites to present myself. Simply, I have done it so, and a little adapted to here, because is the really presentation I like to do in almost every site I enter, not for anything else.​


New member
By the way, please, Can give me the privileges for I can share my works here? Thanks a lot in advance.​


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Staff member
welcome back to Warez BB Ship, Yes Uploaders ranks are available Just donate COINS for it.