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Welcome Back to Ship, Glad to see you too. Happy New Year to you.
yes and you HAPPY NEW YEAR !! , Could i ask did you back up your old forum with the RG links as know that will take a long time to sort as se you was down for a very long time, this was the one stop place for downloading films from YIFI and keeping all my mp3's all up to date,

could i ask what would be the best program to use for uploadeing


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Staff member
No, all old links void. Even in these days on any file host except premium links by uploader, links will be deleted within 60-90 days if file was not downloaded. You can upload the file on any file host as per their given criteria we do not have information right now which file host has set what features, because its day to day routine business of file hosting companies. We should have been updated our self by their updates if you are an uploader.