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Hi All, I'm from Holland and right in my mid-life crisis ;) I hope to find some interaction here with other people. It would be cool if I could share some of my collected programs and stuff. I actually have quite some stuff gathered throughout the years but it is all dated yet still working and most of all, impossible to find somewhere else. I mainly collected Poser stuff and Delphi stuff and always targeted up to Poser 11 and Delphi 7. That said, I'd be happy to share whatever you're looking for and so far I didnt find any board or site where I could still download the Poser and Delphi stuff. I myself still use the stuff, even though it is dated, it works fine on windows x64 bits. My collection is quit huge and impossible to sort and order, just way too many stuff. I'm only interested in older apps and stuff but I'm pretty convinced I can't expand my collection. Therefore it would be cool to share what was once shared, when I found it. I'm easygoing and will do my utmost to contribute to the concept of sharing. But I have no idea at all whether people are actually still interested in this stuff, I hope so. I'm a bit concerned too though, because I have no idea if or how many people are interested in oldies goldies lol. But we'll see!


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Hi, Welcome back to the Ship.