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Leaf House With Innovative Design In India


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The Foliage House project, designed by VPA Architects, was implemented in 2020 in a developing suburb of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The name of the project comes from a beautiful green area with mature trees, including mango, sapotila tree, bamboo and sakura. The area of the plot is 2118.2 square meters, which made it possible to build a large family house and keep all the trees growing on it.

The two-storey house with an area of 669 square meters has a specific interior program. At the request of the client, the kitchen and dining room are separated from the rest of the house. As a result, the house is presented in two segments, one of which contains the kitchen, dining room and room for religious ceremonies, and the other - bedrooms and living rooms. The two parts of the building are connected by a passage.

A yard with equipped parking leads to a wooden structure that defines the main entrance to the house. The double height lobby is connected to the front living room, which occupies a glazed corner of the building, surrounded by a pond with small fountains and a chic landscaped garden illuminated at night. A linear flight of stairs against the backdrop of an exposed concrete wall in the aisle further leads to a double-height living room that occupies the center of the house. Next to it are the guest bedroom and the master bedroom with its own veranda. Both bedrooms are oriented towards the garden, thanks to which their interior is filled with the freshness of natural nature.

A corridor, surrounded by a garden on one side and a veranda overlooking the landscaped garden on the other, leads to the second part of the house, which houses the kitchen, dining room and religious room. The kitchen is connected to ancillary areas such as a pantry and laundry room, as well as a summer kitchen and a maid's room. The dining room is a glass cube, designed according to the same principles as the living room. It is surrounded by natural landscape, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and gives a feeling of comfort.

On the second floor there is a private area for the children of the homeowner: son and daughter. For the girl, at her request, a small and more secluded area is provided, for the boy - a more open space with a balcony overlooking the backyard. Bathrooms have their own patios to provide plenty of natural light.

The uniqueness of the project gives an innovative approach to ordinary, at first glance, things. The play of heights in the exterior and interior, cantilever slabs, materials carefully selected for construction and finishing works, the color palette and the layout of the interior space make the project interesting and individual. Thus, the overall aesthetics of the building are enhanced by the use of exposed concrete with brick red and gray textured paint as accents.

The innovative approach in the use of design elements is continued in the interior. The floor throughout the house is covered with natural Kotah stone. At the same time, in all large rooms it has a gray color and a mirror finish, which gives the space of the house a solid look. The floors in the transitional areas are made of Kotah stone in different colors, sizes and finishes, which allows for a whimsical play of stone patterns that effectively enliven the space.

The design of each room is individual, at the same time, it corresponds to the chosen style of the interior. The furniture is custom-made and adapted to this project. A solid natural wood ceiling with a designer lamp in the center of the living room brings a sense of luxury and comfort. The flight of stairs made of metal is lined with wood. The design of the master bedroom is dominated by gray and brown tones, which are complemented by the color of natural wood. The perfect combination of elements of modern design and modernity in the daughter's bedroom make her extremely elegant and stylish. The combination of ocher-yellow and gray tones gives a special color to the son's bedroom.