The Most Incendiary And Beautiful Dances In The World


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Dancing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax, put the body in order. When people come to see a psychologist, they are always advised to do something, and often dance. Why? Everything is simple here: dancing increases self-esteem, endurance and performance of the body, trains all the muscles of the body. Dancing is a huge benefit!


Music in itself has a positive effect on a person (of course, depending on which one), helping to disconnect from problems and worries, and if it is supplemented with dancing, the effect will be better! It doesn't matter if a person is 20 or 80 - dancing will change his life, significantly improving his physical and emotional state.

If you are thinking about what kind of dances to do, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most incendiary and beautiful ones! Once you start doing them, you won't be able to stop, maybe you don't need to?

10. Belly dance
Belly dance is one of the fascinating ancient dances. Widespread in Arab countries and the Middle East. After the release of the Brazilian series "Clone" (in 2001), all women wanted to learn the tricks of seducing men through dance! Age and figure are not important for practicing this type of dance - grace and beauty of movements are important. If a woman can do that, then you can't take your eyes off her!

Of course, beautiful movements will not work the first time, so many girls and women additionally go to choreography, which brings positive results. Belly dancing is very exciting and useful: in the process you will learn new movements, learn to control your body and muscles.
9. Twist
The twist is called the dance of parasites! It seems that it is difficult here - you just move quickly, but here you also need a certain technique, coordination of movements. According to some reports, the first person to invent the twist was Chubby Checker, but there is a lot of evidence that he appeared much earlier. Checker began to dance only in 1960, however, some performers included twist-style compositions in their albums. The first such composition is "Let`s Do The Twist", performed in 1959.

Twist is a bright dance that you can watch spellbound for hours! It is demonstrated in the films Pulp Fiction (1994), Prisoner of the Caucasus (1967) and others. The focus of this dance is on the legs.

8. Salsa
Passionate, bright and groovy dance is called salsa. This type of dance is popular all over the world - it fascinates with its beauty! Despite the fact that earlier the dance was common on the streets, today it is studied in almost all dance schools. Salsa does not have clear concepts and definitions - it mixes different styles and directions of Latin American and modern dances.

There are subspecies of salsa - it is difficult to list them all, it is even more difficult to dance. Salsa is originally a Latin American dance. The school was founded in the USA in 1960-1970. Mambo and Latin American jazz are close to this dance. Distinctive features of salsa: creativity, improvisation and easy communication with a partner.

7. Reggaeton
Many prefer this particular type of dance, because it has no boundaries, and in every sense. However, many, noticing the lack of boundaries, turn reggaeton into vulgarism.

The term needs to be defined. In general, reggaeton is the name of a musical direction that can be attributed to the 70s. Reggaeton has 2 homelands: Panama and Puerto Rico. At the beginning of its existence, dance and music were forbidden, and discos that young people organized were quickly closed by law enforcement officers. The situation began to change in the 90s thanks to Dj Playero, Gerardo Kruet and Dj Negro. They changed society's mind about direction.

In short, the basic principles of dance are plasticity and a sense of rhythm. You can watch lessons on YouTube and rehearse dances in front of a mirror.

6. Samba
Samba is an exotic Brazilian dance. Most of the movements that are performed in it were brought by African slaves. At one time, only people from the lower strata danced samba, but gradually the higher strata became interested in it. The main thing in the dance is the closed position.

Information about the origin of samba is contradictory: some sources say that the dance originated in the 17th century in Rio de Janeiro, others that it was born in Bahia. For Brazilians, samba is the same as round dances and dances for Russians. It is worth noting that the urban samba is different from the rural one, and the Brazilians are sure that no foreigner will be able to accurately reproduce the movements.

5. Cha-cha-cha
The dance with the sonorous name cha-cha-cha is an African "descendant", which can be said about other Latin dances. Most people know dance as a ballroom sport. There are 3 things that distinguish it from other latino types: it is sharpness, expressiveness, clarity.

Cha-cha-cha can be performed either alone or in a duet. Interestingly, both options are popular. The dance appeared thanks to the experiments of the composer Enrique Horrina with Danson. As a result, the Cuban cha-cha-cha dance was formed in 1950. In some ways, the dance is similar to the rumba, but it is faster in rhythm, and looks more dynamic. This type of dance has a peculiar rhythm: it is performed either fast or slow, and with a typical Cuban swing in the hips.

4. Rumba
Rumba is a dance that is distinguished by original movements, which, in fact, attracts. A lot of passion, flirting is invested in each of them. Rumba is not just a dance, but a certain subculture, for example, hippies, dudes and others. In general terms, this dance is a pair dance, partners show very spectacular body movements.

Cuba is the birthplace of bright dance. It all started in the 60s, when African Americans who escaped from slavery flooded from the eastern outskirts of Cuba to the settlements: Matanzas and Havana. The Africans brought their culture to the lands of the island of Freedom and spread it among the locals. In rumba, attention is mainly given to the body and, I must say, the rhythms are very complex.

3. R&B
The direction of R&B has always been popular, especially among young people. The fashionable phenomenon has embraced different groups of people: R&B is listened to, studied in dance groups, played at parties.

Today it is the most fashionable dance among young people. Based on elements of funk, hip-hop, jazz. A characteristic feature of R&B: a harmonious combination of hard and smooth movements.

As in many other youth musical directions, the basis of this dance is the ability to be a "lighter" on the dance floor. The basic principle of R&B is improvisation. The dance direction includes jumping, swinging, swinging arms. To learn the technique, you first need to "pump" each part of the body.

2. Flamenco
Flamenco is a passionate Spanish dance that helps to live beautifully. Gives joy and pleasure, you can dance alone. This dance relieves stress, which is so important for residents of big cities.

Flamenco is the personification of passion, fire and even drama. To forget, just look at the spectacular and expressive movements of the dancers. The official birth date of the dance is registered: 1785. Then Juan Ignacio Gonzalez del Castillo (1763-1800) first used the word "flamenco". But the history of the direction goes deep into the past.

Flamenco is a tempting dance, it can be seen on the streets of Andalusia, where it is danced on the streets, in any case, the Spaniards themselves tell about it.

1. Tango
This dance is called the dance of love and passion, in Europe they even tried to ban it. But it doesn't seem to work. This dance is so hot that when it started to be danced in Argentina, it was only performed by men. A woman was not allowed to dance the tango with a man.

Most often, when the word "tango" is heard, another word is automatically attributed - Argentinean. There are other types, but in schools, in various shows, they dance it. Argentine tango is more relaxed, it has improvisation. The partner leads, and the partner follows him. All leading in this dance is performed by the body. Partners closely touch their hips to each other, so one should at least minimally be pleasant to the other.